Ski school SLODIČÁK Zdiar. We can be found during the whole
winter season at Ski resort Strednica in Zdiar.

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Ski school for kids

Ski School, Zdiar, High Tatras

Don't you belong among the youngest and still you have never ridden skis? It' s never too late with our team!

Enjoy winter nature at skis as well! Choose a type of tuition that suits you the best and our instructor will do his/her best to change your skis to your inseparable friends. 

If you have ridden skis a few times before or you can ride better and you would like to improve your skiing skills even more, our instructors are the right choice for you. Choose a type of lesson and enjoy winter fully! 

Snowboard School in Zdiar

Try something new! Snowboarding is a popular winter sport which will surely bring joy into your vacation. 

There is used special methodics and specially trained instructors for tuition. You will be able to ride down the slope without bigger problems already after a few lessons! Individual lessons for children is suitable from age of 4.

Ski & Snowboard School for Kids in Zdiar, High Tatras

Kids Ski School is a group tuition of children ranging from three to seven years of age (similarly as can be seen in kindergartens). It is a fun and educative stay of children in an areal of ski kindergarten under supervision of ski instructors. Program of complete beginners is fun, games and first exercises on the skis. Those more skilled are taught basic technics of skiing including a ride on a fall line, a ride with both-sided stem-turn, a ride over various items of uneven terrain (a bridge, pedalling, obstacles).

Novelty for the youngest: discover fairytale characters for unforgettable ski experience in Zdiar! 

Why to choose us?

If your skiing or snowboarding skills are minimal or none, choose and trust your instructor. You can avoid making mistakes, learning bad habits as well as you will save unnecessary effort at the beginning. 

Special attention is paid to the youngest

We use various tools to diversify the lessons and to make them more pleasant. We lead the lessons in line with the Austrian skiing methodics which was taken over by a Slovak Association of Professional Skiing and Snowboarding Teachers (SAPUL) and a Union of Slovak Skiing and Snowboarding Schools (Únia LaSS). We also adjust it to each client according to his/her technical level and his/her abilities.

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